Khadi woven in Ponduru, a small village 3 0 kilometers from Srikakulam city, acquired fame in the pre independence era when Mahatma Gandhi mentioned its virtues in Young India, the national weekly that Gandhiji edited.One of the finest, Ponduru khadi is soft to the touch and comfortable on the skin. Sold as yardage fabric,sarees, dhotis, towels, shirts and more, Ponduru khadi is widely in demand in various countries across the globe and especially chosen by people of India and in particular by senior citizens and People Representatives,for its high quality and sheer simplicity. The Ponduru Khadi was worn by eminent personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Akkineni Nageshwar Rao etc who were impressed by its shine. Popular are the Dhoties, traditionally woven using the interlock-weft technique and have mostly small and big borders of Tussar Silk Pattu. The Dhoties and Uppers are either in grey / PT colour or in pure white.Produced locally from Punasa cotton, the weaving process is painstakingly meticulous requiring immense dexterity. The process begins with cleaning the cotton with a comb – made from the jaw bone of the “Valuga “(cat) fish bone– to lend it a silky sheen. The straightened fibers are pressed and rolled on a wooden plank with a metal rod and each deft stroke casts away seeds from the cotton. The separated fibers are then rolled in to strands on wooden cylindrical sticks and spun on a charkha to yield yarn that is finally dyed using natural dyes.A differentiating feature that sets the Ponduru Khadi a class apart from other woven materials is the simple fact that it is completely hand spun to ensure that its softness remains intact.