Pulagurtha village is located in Anaparthy mandal of East Godavari district and houses a fine variety of Pulugurta Malka Shirting that is made of cotton yarn spun on a micro spinning machine. About 10kgs of yarn can be produced on this spinning machine per day.Malkha fabrics are woven by skilled weaver families on handlooms from cotton grown in smallholder farmer families. The Malkha process puts the intermediate stage of cotton spinning back in the village, making the entire textile chain from cotton to cloth village-based.They handle the delicate cotton fibres gently, avoiding the force and violence of conventional processing, keeping the springness of the live fibres all the way into the cloth. That’s what gives malkha fabric its swing and drape. Malkha is energy efficient, avoids bailing and unbailing of cotton by heavy machinery and unnecessary transport. Malkha fabric is soft, it breathes, absorbs, holds colour, reflects its handmade heritage in texture.Pulagurtha Sarees are famous for good texture that come in medium to dark colours. The pallus are rich in gold and zari threads. A variety of handloom fancy sarees are woven here that reflect the tastes of present generation. Pulagurtha sarees are woven by using the Jaquard technique of weaving. This region is well-known for its designs and interventions in handloom products and sustainable handlooms.


Pulagurtha Malka Cotton Sarees

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