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Chirala Sico Saree

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The sea sidetown of Chirala- from cheera meaning saree and la meaning possession ? is famous all over the world for its sarees and handlooms. As a centuries-old occupation of the Padmasali, Devanga and Pattusali communities, Chirala handlooms are so soft and feather light that they even inspired the Italian explorer Mark Polo to sing paeans on the skill of weavers who could weave a saree that could be folded in to a match box.

Classic and legendary among india?s handloom textile traditions, Chirala Sarees are favoured the most for its intricate hand buta, a fascinating design feature in which colours are added manually in the Zari design and also applies Kuppadam, a weaving technique that create solid borders.

Woven with simple, indigenous tools by crafts people, Chirala Kuppadam Sarees are magnificent and distinctive with heavy Zari borders. In addition to sarees that are most sought after, Chirala furnishing and upholstery fabrics have also gained an identity of their own.

The Yarn is first washed and dipped skilfully in the colour of choice to give the fabric a unique and durable hue. After a second wash and starch application for permanent colour and lustre, the yarn is turned in a charka to get the thread for the weft.

The loading of yarn in warp is done in pit looms that are fixed at the ground level. One pacham is then loaded and weaving begins with the weaver sitting on the floor and weaving by using his hands and legs.

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? Suggested dry cleaning
? Do not squeeze or wring
? Dry on clean horizontal surface under shade
? Store in clean and dry place, away from insects, dust, excessive light and moisture

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