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Dharmavaram a small ancient town in Sri Satyasai district, is the seat to Dharmavaram Pattu Saree and the Paavada from the 19th century onwards. The splendid Dharmavaram Pattu is the sum total of many factors
:lustrous dual ? colour, broad borders and pallus in solid colours, intricate motifs and lavish zari.

Worn mostly during weddings and religious ceremonies to symbolize richness and sanctity,

Dharamavaram sarees were earlier available only in shades of yellow and maroon. Today, however,
weavers experiment with diverse colours and even add rich embellishments such as coloured stones,
sequins and kundan for a more contemporary look.

Woven with mulberry silk and zari by interlocked weft method, the process of making a Dharmavaram saree usually takes 4 to 8 days. It actually begins with boiling silk yarn, soap and caustic soda and then leaving it to soak overnight in the same liquid. Once the yarn is taken out, it is dyed in the chosen colour and washed again in the solution of water and acetic acid to lend the beautiful sheen that these sarees are known for.

The dyed yarn is then dried indoors on bamboo sticks before the warp is prepared and thread roles are mounted on the dolu which is then provided to the weaver to use it for the warp of loom frame. The weaver then readies the loom which is controlled by punch cards, each row of which corresponds with one row of design. The warp yarn is then loaded by attaching each strand to the loom.

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? Suggested dry cleaning
? Do not squeeze or wring
? Dry on clean horizontal surface under shade
? Store in clean and dry place, away from insects, dust, excessive light and moisture

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