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Madhavaram Cotton Saree

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In 1003, Madhavaram catapulted to fame when the story of the Ramayana woven using 15 tolas of silver and three tolas of gold threads on a saree reached the royal courts of Mysore, Pithapuram and Venkatagiri. Official records of the 1870s too have mentioned the ‘superior kind of silk and lace-bordered clothes’ of Madhavaram. But, it is the Ramayana saree that exemplified the skill of weavers of this tiny village nestled between the River Penna and the hills of Kadapa.

At present Madhavaram is 20 Km. away from the district Head Quarters, Kadapa. This village is rehabilitated under Somasila irrigation project and was re-built on the highway of Kadapa to Chennai.

Woven by the Togata, Padmashali community, Madhavaram sarees in cotton, silk- cotton and silk come in a variety of designs – from floral to geometric. With petu borders and jacquard or zari pallus, the sarees are soft, vibrant and classy and favoured by women both as regular and special occasion wear.

Today, silk weaving has taken a backseat but Madhavaram’s 80 to 120-count sarees continue to enjoy fame and favour including the Madhavaram madhuparkams worn by Telugu brides and grooms during wedding rituals.

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Composition and care


• Suggested dry cleaning
• Do not squeeze or wring
• Dry on clean horizontal surface under shade
• Store in clean and dry place, away from insects, dust, excessive light and moisture

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