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Mangalagiri Dress Materials

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Mangalagiri sarees are recognized by their distinctive play of Nizam patterns and sparkling zari
borders. These silk-cotton sarees come with a rich look, offered at low prices which embody
vibrant expressions of beauty and are woven in different warp and weft colours, so that when
light falls on them, they shimmer with a magical, double-tone hue.
With micro checks or stripes between the Nizam borders, the fabric of traditional sarees flow
into pallu, often a quiet mono- striped affair adorned with zari in a typical tribal style. Moving
with the times, today, the soft and airy fabrics of Mangalagiri are redefining the world of ethnic
fashion, growing beyond sarees to include tunics, blouses, scarves, stoles and even Sling bags.
Mangalagiri sarees are woven in pit looms with finer counts of 80s Cotton yarn. The process
begins with removing impurities from the yarn, dyeing, drying and spinning on traditional
charkhas. Cotton strands are reeled into spools and then loaded into spindles to be inserted
into the fly-shuttle for processing the weft. During the process of warping, the yarn is checked
for tangles, breaks are knotted and the thread is sprayed with starch at least 10-12 times to lend
strength, durability and sheen to the fabric. The entire process is carried out in the morning to
retain the colour. The final step in the journey ends with the weaver interlacing threads of
contrasting hues to weave yards and yards of the fabric.

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? Suggested dry cleaning
? Do not squeeze or wring
? Dry on clean horizontal surface under shade
? Store in clean and dry place, away from insects, dust, excessive light and moisture

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