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Venkatagiri Cotton Saree

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Venkatagiri sarees, softest and most durable, reflect the ingenuity of weavers and
are woven in Venkatagiri, a small town in Tirupati district. Soft in texture, with
solid- colour bodies, ribbon like zari borders and tiny motifs of fruits, birds, leaves
and more sprinkled all over, these sarees are as regal as ever and continue to
be famous across the world.
In the early 1700s, sarees, turbans, angavastrams and dhotis were woven from
fine muslin ? exclusively for the royals of the Velugoti dynasty, Bobbili and
Pithapuram dynasties and the zamindars of Nellore. The sarees, usually white with
zari borders or coloured bands, were mostly woven for queens and noble women
and soon became synonymous with an aristocratic appearance.
Previously Venkatagiri sarees were made with fine cottons of 100s, 120s counts
and had simple borders of gold thread and richly brocaded pallus. But in the
recent times, weavers began experimenting with fabrics and patterns and now
weave sarees in cotton- silk and pure silk as well. Nowadays, Venkatagiri Paithani
sarees are also being woven in this region.

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? Suggested dry cleaning
? Do not squeeze or wring
? Dry on clean horizontal surface under shade
? Store in clean and dry place, away from insects, dust, excessive light and moisture

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